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Key Takeaways:

  • Wide Selection of Wetpour Colours: Wetpour colours offer a wide range of options, allowing for creative and unique designs. They are resistant to UV colour fading and non-marking, ensuring long-lasting vibrancy.
  • Easy to Mix and Create Unique Blends: Wetpour colours can be easily mixed to create custom blends, enabling the creation of bespoke colour schemes and patterns.
  • Enables Creation of Patterns and Graphics: Wetpour colours allow for the inclusion of various graphics and designs, making it possible to create engaging games and activities on the surface. There are unlimited options for patterns and shapes, making wetpour colours a versatile choice.

Introduction to Wetpour Colours

Introduction to Wetpour Colours

Photo Credits: Wetpoursurface.Co.Uk by Dennis Lee

Wetpour colours bring vibrancy and versatility to playgrounds and recreational areas. From a wide selection of colours to stunning graphics and designs, this section explores the exciting world of wetpour colours.

Discover how these colours are applied and the endless possibilities they offer for transforming outdoor spaces. Get ready to dive into the captivating realm of wetpour colours and unleash your creativity in ways you never imagined.

Wide Selection of Wetpour Colours

A wide range of wetpour colours are available, perfect for various applications! They are resistant to UV fading and non-marking, meaning their vibrancy will last and last. Plus, they can be mixed to create unique blends, adding creativity and customisation. With the wetpour colours, you can create patterns and graphics for extra visual appeal!

These colours are ideal for children’s play applications – bringing life to playgrounds and leisure attractions. You can choose a single colour or mix several together for more unique designs. And, with graphics and designs, the possibilities are endless!

The wetpour colours are made of EPDM granules and polyurethane binder, giving them strength and durability. They have a specific hardness level, making them suitable for many settings. Plus, when you order wetpour colours we have a fast delivery system. Each product has its own code for easy identification and ordering.

In conclusion, wetpour colours offer lots of benefits – like UV resistance, mixing capabilities, and pattern and design options. They are also durable and versatile, making them perfect for any surface.

Resistant to UV Colour Fading and Non-Marking

Wetpour colours are specially crafted with UV-resistant and non-marking properties, so they stay vibrant in the sun. They won’t fade or dull over time, keeping their eye-catching visuals. This blend of materials also lets you mix them together for custom colour combinations. Plus, patterns and graphics can be designed on the surface for a creative touch. And, they’re made of EPDM granules and a polyurethane binder, making them durable and resilient.

So, if you want to dazzle your playground, mix up a colourful concoction with wetpour colours!

Easy to Mix and Create Unique Blends

Wetpour colours are easy to mix and create unique blends. This offers limitless possibilities when it comes to designing and customizing surfaces. Mix different shades for the desired look and feel!

These colours provide excellent features:

Mix wetpour colours to get customised blends. With these, you can create a one-of-a-kind colour palette that fits your aesthetic preferences.

Wetpour is widely used in children’s play areas. Its versatility and ability to make playgrounds attractive are beneficial. Choose a single solid colour or mix of colours!

The development of wetpour colours has met the demands of many industries. These include playground construction, sports facilities, and recreational areas.

Enables Creation of Patterns and Graphics

Wetpour colours offer endless possibilities for designing visually appealing surfaces. They enable the creation of patterns and graphics, with the option of either a single solid colour or mix of colours. Plus, the UV resistance ensures that the vibrant designs won’t fade or discolor with prolonged exposure to sunlight.

Mixing and matching wetpour colours is easy, allowing designers to craft custom blends for their desired colour combinations. With this surfacing material, there are limitless options for creating various patterns and shapes on the surface. It’s a great way to bring life to playgrounds and leisure attractions, as the graphics and designs can enhance imagination and exploration.

For a more striking look, consider utilizing contrasting or complementary colours when designing patterns and graphics with wetpour colours. This will help boost the overall aesthetic of the area.

Applications of Wetpour Colours

Wetpour colours have many uses. They often grace children’s play areas, and bring vibrancy to playgrounds and leisure attractions. With wetpour, you can choose one single colour or multiple colours. This allows for imaginative designs. Patterns, graphics, games, and activities can be created on the surface. There are unlimited possibilities for creative designs!

Popular in Children’s Play Applications

Wetpour colours are a hot commodity for kids’ play zones. The wide selection of colours available guarantees these areas will be dazzling and engaging. Plus, they won’t fade in the sun and won’t leave marks.

Mixing different colours is easy, so you can make unique patterns and graphics on the ground. Create a hopscotch grid, a maze or something totally new. You have the power to be creative.

Moreover, you can make the surface one colour or a mix. This lets you customize the look based on your taste or a theme. From bright primary colours to gentle pastels, Wetpour colours suit any design.

Fun fact: you can use Wetpour colours to create unlimited patterns and shapes for creative play. Illuminate your playgrounds and leisure attractions with Wetpour colours!

Bringing Life to Playgrounds and Leisure Attractions

Wetpour colours bring life to playgrounds and leisure attractions! With UV-resistant properties, they won’t fade over time, keeping them looking fresh and inviting. Plus, they are easy to mix, giving designers the freedom to be creative with unique blends and custom colour schemes.

What’s more, wetpour colours offer the chance to incorporate graphics and designs into the surface, making playgrounds interactive and engaging for kids. Constructed from EPDM granules and polyurethane binder, they are hard-wearing and impact-resistant, perfect for outdoor applications.

Ordering wetpour colours is made easy with clear product codes and delivery costs, ensuring timely completion of projects. So choose your colours wisely – a single solid colour won’t create the same vibrancy as a blend can!

Options for Single Solid Colour or Mix of Colours

Wetpour colours offer a wealth of possibilities for playgrounds and leisure attractions. Choose from a single solid colour or mix multiple colours for a unique look.

Create a table with columns for application, like kids’ play areas, and their respective colour choices.

Application Colour Choices
Kids’ play areas Mix different colours

Mix different colours to bring life and excitement to outdoor spaces. Plus, wetpour colours are resistant to UV fading and non-marking, making them great for outdoor use. And, unleash creativity with graphics and designs on the surface. Unlock a world of possibilities with unlimited options for patterns and shapes. Get creative and engage children with wetpour colours!

Graphics and Designs with Wetpour Colours

Graphics and designs are key in improving the look and use of wetpour colours. There’s a vast selection of these colours, allowing for the making of eye-catching surfaces that attract attention and interest users. They won’t fade in the sun, won’t leave marks, and are easy to mix, so that unique blends can be made to give the design more depth. With wetpour colours, any pattern or shape can be created, turning any surface into a work of art.

Plus, these colours are perfect for interactive elements like games. Hopscotch, mazes, and other activities can be included, making the space more fun for kids. With wetpour colours, designers can experiment with different designs – from waves to mosaics. Plus, they’re practical – their composition makes them tough and resilient, and the Shore A hardness gives a comfortable experience while being slip resistant.

Wetpour colours are especially used in play areas, where they bring life to playgrounds and attractions. Solid colours or mixes of shades can be used to get the desired results. So, use your creativity and bring fun to the surface with wetpour colours. Include graphics and designs to make any space amazing.

Inclusion of Various Graphics and Designs

Wetpour colours are key for including various graphics and designs. Endless options are achievable, allowing for visually stimulating environments to engage and entertain users.

To highlight possibilities, here are some examples of graphics and designs achievable with wetpour:

Graphics and Designs Description
Playful patterns Combine wetpour colours to create fun shapes, lines and intricate designs. These patterns add visual interest to the area.
Interactive games Integrate games and activities like hopscotch grids, mazes and sports courts. These encourage movement and engagement among users.
Custom logos Personalize space with custom logos or branding using wetpour colours. Create a unique identity.

Plus, many more design options are available. Wetpour is versatile, allowing endless creativity to make visually appealing environments.

In conclusion, wetpour colours provide a canvas to showcase creativity through graphics and designs. From playful patterns to interactive games and custom logos, there are numerous possibilities to make any space engaging and visually appealing.

Creating Games and Activities on the Surface

Wetpour colours offer exciting possibilities. They can create games and activities directly on the surface. This opens up interactive opportunities for children and visitors. Graphics and designs can be incorporated into the wetpour surface. It makes a playground or leisure attraction a dynamic space.

A table can show different game options:

Game Name Description
Hopscotch Hopping between numbered squares
Maze Navigate a labyrinth-like puzzle
Tic-Tac-Toe Grid-based strategy
Alphabet Game Letter recognition practice

These designs make outdoor playtime engaging and educational. Wetpour surfaces offer unlimited options for patterns and shapes. Geometric patterns, animal shapes, or replicas of famous landmarks are possible. These unique designs make the playground or leisure attraction look even better.

Pro Tip: When designing games and activities on wetpour surfaces, consider educational elements like number grids or alphabet puzzles. This provides entertainment and learning.

Unlimited Options for Patterns and Shapes

Wetpour colours offer limitless options for creating unique patterns and shapes. Mix and blend multiple colours to unlock endless design possibilities! Include graphics and designs for interactive games and activities on the surface. Geometric patterns, fun shapes, anything you desire – wetpour colours provide a dynamic solution.

Check out the table of patterns and shapes achievable with wetpour colours:

Pattern Description
Geometric Straight lines, angles, and shapes like squares, triangles, and rectangles.
Curved Flowing lines and curves to form dynamic shapes.
Mosaic Small coloured granules forming intricate mosaic-like patterns.
Organic Nature-inspired freeform designs resembling leaves, flowers, or waves.

Customize size, placement, and colour intensity of each pattern or shape. Wetpour colours make any creative vision come alive!

To sum up, wetpour colours offer infinite options for designing one-of-a-kind patterns and shapes. Blend multiple colours for endless possibilities. Include graphics and designs to create interactive elements on the surface. Versatile and customisable, wetpour colours are perfect for adding vivid visual appeal to any space.

Benefits and Features of Wetpour Colours

Benefits and Features of Wetpour Colours

Photo Credits: Wetpoursurface.Co.Uk by Terry Garcia

Discover the fascinating world of wetpour colours and unlock a range of benefits and features that will leave you in awe. From being made of EPDM granules and polyurethane binder to its impressive hardness of Shore A, wetpour colours offer a plethora of exciting possibilities. Whether you’re curious about their potential applications or eager to explore their usage in various industries, this section will unravel the captivating aspects of wetpour colours that are sure to captivate your imagination. So, let’s dive in and embrace the vibrant world of wetpour colours!

Made of EPDM Granules and Polyurethane Binder

EPDM granules and a polyurethane binder make up wetpour colours. This combination is strong and long-lasting. The EPDM rubber is resistant to UV fading and won’t leave marks. It’s perfect for vibrant colours that won’t change over time.

The binder binds the EPDM granules together. This allows for unique blends and gradients. You can make any pattern or shape you like. Plus, the impact absorption is perfect for children’s play applications.

Wetpour colours provide a balance between functionality and aesthetics. They work for playgrounds, leisure attractions, sports facilities and more. To make the most of them, try different graphics and activities. You can tailor your surface to any theme or branding.

Make sure to do regular maintenance and cleaning. This will keep the colours vibrant. Also, apply a UV coating for extra protection from fading. With proper care, your wetpour surface can last for years.

Hardness of Shore A

When it comes to wetpour colours, Shore A hardness is an important factor. This relates to the material’s resistance to indentation or deformation under pressure. The Shore A scale measures hardness from 0 to 100; the higher the value, the harder and less flexible the material.

Remember, each wetpour colour will have its own Shore A rating based on its composition. This allows you to customize and select colours that look good and perform well for your specific needs. So, consider the EPDM granules and polyurethane binder used in different wetpour colours to get the best results. Make your playground dreams come true!

Potential Applications and Usage

Wetpour colours are a special product. They are created with EPDM granules and a polyurethane binder. These colours resist UV fading, won’t mark, and last long outdoors. You can mix them easily to create unique blends that will enhance any surface.

The following table shows the applications and descriptions of wetpour colours:

Application Description
Children’s Play Applications Wetpour colours are safe and perfect for kids’ play areas. They provide a soft, cushioned surface which reduces the risk of injury during playtime.
Playgrounds & Leisure Attractions Add vibrancy to playgrounds and leisure attractions. Kids and families will love it!
Single or Mixed Colours You can choose a single colour, or mix different colours for a unique look.

You also have endless possibilities for graphics and designs. Include games and activities to make the surface even more engaging. And you can tailor the surface to suit its purpose.

Getting wetpour colours is easy. Just say ‘1, 2, 3…’.

Ordering and Delivery of Wetpour Colours

Ordering and Delivery of Wetpour Colours

Photo Credits: Wetpoursurface.Co.Uk by Ryan Moore

When it comes to ordering and receiving wetpour colours, let’s dive into the process with a burst of creativity. We’ll explore how we ensure seamless delivery, the costs and information associated with getting our vibrant products to your doorstep, and even touch on product codes to make your selection even easier. So, get ready to dive into the world of wetpour colours and discover the efficient and convenient ways they make their way into your hands.

Source: Reference Data.

How We Deliver

We make sure you get your Wetpour Colours on time. Here’s what we do:

  1. Place an order. Use our website or call us!
  2. Processing. Our experts get to work right away. All steps are taken to prepare your order for dispatch.
  3. Packaging. We use only the best materials to make sure your Wetpour Colours stay safe during transit.
  4. Shipping. We partner with reliable carriers for secure transportation. We choose the shipping method that works best for you.
  5. Track your delivery. You get a tracking number so you can follow your Wetpour Colours online.

For extra help, our customer service team is here. We make sure to keep in touch with you throughout the whole delivery process.

Bring some colour to your playground with Wetpour Colours. Your kids will be amazed!

Delivery Costs & Info

When it comes to Wetpour Colours delivery, we know transparency is important. So, we’ve outlined delivery costs and other info below.

We’ve created a table to show our delivery charges based on location. This way, you know any extra costs before ordering. See table for details.

We want you to make informed decisions about your order. That’s why this info is available. Plus, each Wetpour Colours product has its own product code. Provide us with the correct code for smooth processing and fast delivery.

Don’t miss out on adding colourful wetpour colours to your playground. Place your order now and transform your space. Timely delivery is vital. Act fast to get your chosen colours quickly.

Wetpour Colours: Colourful fun with UV-resistance.

Product Code

This table outlines the Product Codes and their descriptions. It shows whether they are a single solid colour or a mixture. These codes are great for accurate selection and delivery of Wetpour Colours.

Furthermore, there might be unique codes for certain variations and custom blends. This allows for precise identification and fulfillment of customer orders.

Product Codes were created to differentiate between different colours and blends. This streamlines ordering, inventory management, and delivery processes. Product Codes continue to play an important role in ensuring smooth transactions and correct fulfillment of customer requirements.



Photo Credits: Wetpoursurface.Co.Uk by Jeremy King

The significance of wetpour colours can’t be overstated. Vibrant colours are both aesthetically pleasing and they engage children, improving their play experiences. With multiple colours, kids can easily spot and access specific areas.

The Reference Data highlights this and emphasizes safety by using contrasting colours to show potential hazards. Colours also stimulate children’s senses and get them active. Custom colour options make it easy to tailor the playground to specific themes or branding.

Wetpour surfaces are commonplace in parks, schools, and other outdoor recreational areas, demonstrating their effectiveness. All in all, wetpour colours create visually pleasing, safe, and functional play spaces.



Photo Credits: Wetpoursurface.Co.Uk by Wayne Robinson

Unlock a world of vibrant possibilities with wetpour colours! Discover the wide selection of hues available and explore the endless applications of wetpour colours. From playful graphics to intricate designs, wetpour colours offer a palette for creativity to flourish. Get inspired and dive into the realm of wetpour colours, where imagination knows no bounds. So, let’s jump in and explore the captivating world of wetpour colours that will bring your visions to life!


Wetpour colours are a great choice for creating vibrant and long-lasting surfaces. They are resistant to UV fading and non-marking. Plus, they are easy to mix. This allows you to make unique blends for any application. You can also create patterns and graphics for visual interest.

Wetpour colours are often used in children’s play areas. Their bright and playful nature brings life to playgrounds. You can choose a single colour or mix them to create something special. You can also include graphics and designs on the surface. This gives you the freedom to create games and activities for kids.

The material is made of EPDM granules and polyurethane binder. It has a hardness rating of Shore A scale, making it safe and resilient for high-traffic areas.

When ordering, we provide delivery in a timely manner. We can give you delivery costs and other info on request. Each product also has a product code for easy identification.

Some Facts About Wetpour Colours:

  • ✅ Wetpour colours are resistant to UV colour fading and non-marking. (Source: Team Research)
  • ✅ Wet pour colours can be easily mixed to create unique blends and patterns. (Source: Team Research)
  • ✅ Wet pour colours are commonly used in children’s play applications. (Source: Team Research)
  • ✅ The simplicity of wet pour colours allows for the installation of various graphics, such as animals and shapes. (Source: Team Research)
  • ✅ Wet pour colours can be used to create games on the surface, including hopscotch and snakes and ladders. (Source: Team Research)

FAQs about Wetpour Colours

What are wetpour colours and what are they used for?

Wetpour colours are a range of colours that can be used for wetpour surfaces. Wetpour surfaces are commonly used in playgrounds, sports facilities, and outdoor areas. The colours are resistant to UV colour fading and non-marking, making them durable and long-lasting. They can be used to bring life to any playground or leisure attraction, creating visually stimulating and fun environments.

What materials are wetpour colours made of?

Wetpour colours are made of EPDM granules and polyurethane binder. The EPDM granules provide durability and flexibility, while the polyurethane binder acts as a strong adhesive, holding the granules together. This combination creates a surfacing material that is both visually appealing and safe for use in children’s play areas.

Can wetpour colours be mixed to create unique blends?

Yes, wetpour colours can be easily mixed together to create unique blends. This allows for endless design possibilities and the creation of patterns and graphics on the wetpour surface. Whether you want a single solid colour or a mix of colours, including black with colour fleck, wetpour colours provide the flexibility to achieve your desired look.

What graphics can be incorporated into a wetpour surface design?

Graphics can be inserted into a wetpour surface design to add visual interest and create fun activities. Popular options for graphics include animals, road markings, stars, shapes, and patterns. Educational graphics such as crabs, fish, sea life, and lightning bolt shapes are also commonly used. Additionally, company or school logos can be incorporated into the design to promote branding and identity.

Where can I purchase wetpour colours?

There are several suppliers that offer wetpour colours. Some popular options include The Rubber Company, Redlynch Leisure, Soft Surfaces, Playbark.com, and Online Playgrounds. These suppliers provide a wide range of wetpour colours and can offer expert advice, installation services, and maintenance support for wetpour surfaces.

How do I select the right wetpour colour for my project?

To select the right wetpour colour for your project, it is recommended to consult a wetpour colour chart or seek advice from a supplier. Wetpour colour charts, such as the Wet Pour Colour Chart by Nicole Yeardley, provide a range of colour options to choose from and can help you visualize how different colours will look on the wetpour surface. Consider the intended use of the area, the surrounding environment, and any specific design requirements to make an informed decision.

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